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People who think they know everything are the easiest to fool.
- Gerald Weinberg - The Secrets of Consulting

As of October 15th, 2007 I am a direct employee of ABB, Inc. Nothing on this site should be taken to represent ABB, Inc in any way, shape, or form. The majority of this site existed long before I had any relationship with ABB, Inc and is solely my responsibility. Furthermore, any outside work I undertake must now be filtered for conflict of interest issues. That said:

I am a software conslutant* specializing in making things work better. I am expert* in UNIX and C, with growing experience in Python, Java, C++, and friends. After years of supporting family and friends recover from Windoze, I recommend Linux wherever possible. Included are links to myway, clients, colleagues, and places of interest. Change is a certain thing.

E-mail me with your comments/suggestions/needs/ideas/virtual mead/ale. And enjoy.


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If you use the Internet you use open source
Abolish software patents, copyrights were enough to build the Web, they are enough now.

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*conslutant, consultant - (n) someone who takes money to fix other's mistakes and/or problems. Extremely dangerous if limitations are exceeded.

*expert - 1. (n) someone who can fix their own mistakes. 2. (adj) the level of skill acquired at the exclusion of something else, like a life.

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